Club History - Introduction


I started this project around 2005 when I was handed a coupe of huge boxes at a Committee Meeting. I sorted the contents by year and ended up with over fifty files. The files for the early years are fairly slim with those of the 60's and 70's being full to bursting.
I then proceeded to get married taking on a step daughter and helping to produce another of my own. I have now resurfaced to continue the project. I had left all the information at my parent's house and it took me quite a while to trace it all - it was in fact right under my nose as I had completely forgotten all the sorting I had done and how large the boxes where.

We are fortunate in the fact that we have the minutes of every meeting ever held along with letters, official documents, receipts, invoices, newspaper cuttings and photographs. The downside of this is that it is going to take along time to reproduce it all on the website.

I doubt many shooting Clubs have the original hand written minutes from the first Committee Meeting and AGM.

The Sidcup and District Rifle Club is certainly not the oldest Club around. But being originally formed in 1945 it does however represent a period of history that is very much real to our older members and living history to the generations that followed who would have known and know so many people who lived though World War II.

I will be reproducing the History year by year and I hope it will be mainly pictorial rather than pages of dry text. I have presented the minutes of the first meetings and the original rules in their entirety as they are relevant to the history. I shall take selections from the other meetings from the following sixty seven years - Club minutes although important can be a little dry from years where little happens. Our current Hon. Secretary will affirm this.

Richard Fowler


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