Imagine yourself in the year 1945 and you want to join Sidcup and District rifle Club. You think things are difficult in 2013.

The first problem you will have is that you will not find it in the phone book or in any directory. You will find however the 57th Kent Home Guard Old Comrades Association Rifle Club. This was the first name of the Club. However you must not confuse it with 57th (Northern) Kent Home Guard Old Comrades Association Rifle Club. This is quite a different Club.

You're going to have to wait for ten years to Join a club called Sidcup and District Rifle Club - but that's another story.........

The next problem is that you must be a member of the Home Guard Old Comrades Association - which means you would have to have been in the Home Guard. You could be lucky enough to be made an honorary member but this is unlikely.

What would you like to shoot? Well you have the choice of a P14 in .303 or stand and watch.

How are you going to get to the Range? A car? - But there is Petrol rationing.

What are you going to have for lunch? Nothing on the range - there is food rationing.

Not everybody has a telephone and nobody has a television. Fast food does not exist. The trains run on steam and horse and carts are still a common sight in the streets

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