Small Bore Target Rifle (TR)

These are highly accurate .22" calibre rifles that are chambered for (they fire) .22 Long rifle ammunition

At Sidcup we shoot only the prone .22 target discipline

The ammunition used is generally of a very high quality to be able to take advantage of the capabilities of .22 target rifles. However whilst the ammunition is expensive huge quantities are not used since each target session requires only 10 rounds per "card" which is 10 targets printed on target paper - this is generally the nature of shooting done by the club, but there are many others available.

The club has a number of .22 target rifles and most novice shooter learn on these before perhaps looking tfor their own.

In order to shoot .22 TR other equipment is required and full training is offered by the club at its Bexleyheath shoots

Typically at Sidcup we shoot postal competitions on the standard 25 yard NSRA 10 target card from the prone position

Not a bad guide here

Here is an Anschutz .22 target rifle - other makes are available