F Class Rifle

F Class Rifle uses full bore rifles but there is no calibre restriction except that maximum size is limited to 8mm at Bisley. Larger calibres like .338 Lapua Magnum or "50 Calibre" Browning are just too energetic and too powerful and expensive for most facilities and pockets

F Class has a subset called F/TR - this is more limited that full F Class to try and keep the costs down and to encourage TR shooters whose eyesight may have past its best to continue shooting - it's basically a TR with a tele-site and bipod.

All F Class is shot using a stand or Bipod and Telescopic sights are used

If TR is accurate then F Class is precision itself - the standard F Class target centre for 1000 yard shooting is about 7 inches wide and the rifles are well capable of that accuracy and better most shoot to a quarter minute of angle (1 minute of angle = 1/60th of a degree).

It is a much easier discipline to learn, but just as difficult to master as TR. The use of a shooting support for the rifle and a telescopic sight make life slightly easier at the blunt end for the shooter

Sidcup has a fine F Class rifle - strictly F/TR - in 7.62mm that is capable in the right hands of exceptional accuracy and new members are welcome to try this out at the Bisley meetings

Typically at Sidcup we shoot 2 sighter shots plus 10 shots to count (often abbreviated 2+10) and rather than an F Class target we use the normal TR target which is more about easier organisation that anything else

Here is a typical full F Class rig - notice the front stand with rear bag and the convenient turrets on the Telescopic site for windage and elevation. The score sheet is also in seen to the right of the rifle. The breech is open and the flag is out for clarity. Total cost as at 2013 well over £4000! This rifle is in 6.5mm x 284 which is a particularly accurate calibre