Full Bore Target Shooting (TR)

Sidcup shoot full bore at Bisley, the NRA's ranges in Surrey - we generally meet 9 times a year at Bisley

The Full Bore Target Rifle is generally of 7.62mm x 51 calibre although 5.56mm is also permitted under NRA rules

TR is shot at ranges between 300 yards and 1000 yards with occasional competitions going out to 1100 yards

The FB-TR is derived from military fore-bears but has become extremely specialised

The club has a Target Rifle available for members to use at the meetings and full training will be given

Full Bore TR is not an easy or cheap discipline to take up and we will not generally encourage new members to try out TR without some experience of small bore and F Class shooting first

A competitive Target Rifle is likely to cost between £2000 and £3000 if bought new and a shooting jacket several hundred pounds. Competitive ammunition is about £1 a round as at March 2013

TR is an engaging and demanding sport, whilst it is shot prone it does require good core strength and a degree of suppleness to get into the correct shooting position and maintain it. With the aid of a strap from arm to gun (called a sling) the rifle must be held extremely still in order to achieve accuracy. To hit a 12 inch target centre (the "V" Bull") at nearly a kilometre for example is very demanding but excellent fun and a real buzz!

At Sidcup we usually shoot 2 sighters and 10 to count. The sighters are "convertible" this means that the second one or both, but not just the first shot, can be converted to count on your score card. The sighter is shot to see if your estimate of wind deflection is correct and the elevation on the sights is correct too. When an experienced shooter does this the sighters sometimes "go in" and score a V Bull (the very center of the target) or a Bull and are thus kept as scores. We shoot at 300, 500, 600, 900 and 1000 yards through the year.

Target Rifles are very expensive, typically well over £2000 before you add the sights which adds hundreds of pounds. In the last couple of years Savage Arms have produced a Target Rifle of exceptional value which is available in the UK. Second hand TRs are available but are still quite pricey and may need re-barreling.

Here's a target rifle on aim at Bisley