Long Barrel Revolver and Pistol

The law says that a fairearm that can be legally held under Section 1 of the Firearms Acts must have a barrel of minimum length 300mm and and overal length of 600mm

It may not be self loading unless the calibre is .22"

This has given us Long Barrel Revolvers in diverse calibres but mostly 38/357 and 44 magnum and Semi Automatics in .22"

These comply with the law and not as the Gun Control Network suggest "get around the law" but facts and the GCN don't coincide often.

These have slowly grown in popularity in the club and there are now at least 7 members who own one of them and in some cases two!

One of the peculiarities of these particular firearms is the the Home Office have applied a rule not passed by Parliament but nevertheless with the force of law that makes it illegal for anyone not licensed on their FAC to own or acquire a Long Barrel even to handle one. This was not really clear until relatively recently

This precludes trying them - if you want to know how they shoot them you require a variation to acquire on your FAC

They are demanding and engaging to shoot