Sport Rifle

Also known as Light Sport Rifle

This has become very popular within the club. Its fun and the ammunition is relatively cheap. It is also probably down to Duncan's industry in building some turning targets for Bexleyheath range. These are controlled by computer and offer all sorts of target variations. Some of the courses of fire are diabolical and extremely engaging and I don't think in the several years its been running we actually shot exactly the same course of fire twice. Like I said it's fun.

A sports rifle is .22" calibre and is self loading, that is it will fire each time the trigger is pulled without the intervention of the shooter. This makes possible very fast and exciting competitions and it is possible to get 10 accurately aimed (moreor less) shots in as little as 4 seconds. This will clearly excite the Daily Mail if they spot it and hence forward talk of "devil guns" and inaccurately calculated rates of fire like 60/4 x 10 = 150 rounds a minute forgetting the magazine changes required - but papers generally forsake truth for a good story - did I rant there - sorry!!

Typical firearms used include the Ruger 10/22, Remington 597, GSG and so on. Anschutz used to make a fine semi-auto but no longer do

We also shoot bolt action .22's at Bisley alongside the semi-autos for more deliberate precision shooting