Service Rifle

This mainly means Lee Enfield .303" rifles but also includes Mauser 7.92mm and Swiss Karabiner 31 (K31 - also known incorrectly as the Schmidt-Rubin) and not to mention Martini-Henry black powder rifles.

There is a small but expert group of shooters in the club who love the Martini-Henry. Such old beasts should not be dismissed either, they are very accurate and fast when feed with the right ammo and used by someone who knows what they are doing on the blunt end!

But service rifle seems to inspire devotion and the Lee-Enfield is widely appreciated

At Sidcup we shoot Service Rifle at any of the normal Target Rifle shoots as well as the "Sidcup Volunteer" a competiton specifically for Service rifles designed prior to 1945

Martini-Henry (rifle & carbine) & accoutrements not required on range!