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John Celebrates 50 years as a member of Sidcup & District Rifle Club

Seen below holding the award to celebrate his first 50 years as a member of the club - seen with various other members


New afternoon short range shoots

Ladies & Gentlemen

Those of you that were at the recent AGM will already know that following several requests for more short range full bore rifle shoots we have been investigating running a rifle shoot in the afternoon following some of the Melville meetings. Allowing many of you the chance for an additional shoot without incurring any addition transport costs however you do not have to attend both if you don’t want to.

We have now secured confirmed bookings from the NRA for a 100 yard shoot on the following dates and these shoots will be run by Neville.

  • ·             8th June
  • ·             7th September
  • ·             2 November


Unfortunately no 200 yard targets were available on any of these dates but it is hoped in future to be able run a mix of 100 and 200 yard shoots

The range fee for these shoots has been set initially at £5 to try and encourage participation whilst acknowledging that, initially, there may be a few teething problems while we sort out how to best use the time available. A high season afternoon target costs us about £50 with the low season one about half that so we will need 8-10 people per shoot to be able to maintain this level of Range Fee. I know that there are a number of you looking to use this to zero/test your deer and fox rifles, if you have shooting acquaintances that would like to do the same, as long as they can show a valid competency certificate and membership of another affiliated club or the NRA they will be welcome to shoot as guests. The Guest Range fee will be £10.

A Tin Hat target has been requested from the NRA for these shoots but exactly how they will be run is open for discussion. Neville will be in charge so let him know what you would like to do.

At 100 yards a butt crew is not necessarily required as a good spotting scope should pick out shot holes and multiple separate targets could be put up, shot then taken down and retained by the shooter provided of course the weapon/shooter combination is capable of grouping to less than ¼ of a standard target. Those firing Muskets may need to use the full target and have shots marked for them to ensure all shots are registered. While those using telescopic sights, could well shoot 3 at a time at individual targets.

We will see how things evolve over these initial shoots and the key to being able to keep them running at this level of Range Fee will be adequate regular attendance and finding a way to make maximum use of the shooting time available.

We will review how these first 3 shoots go before booking more dates and setting Range fees for next year. Make sure you let Neville have any comments or suggestions you may have and an idea of the mix of ranges you would like to see available in future years.




Did my own little test with 3 makes of ammo

Have a look here

Excellent shooting and an object lesson....

George was telling me about ammunition differences in the way his .22 Ruger performed. He's absolutley right - ammunition makes a huge difference - it is the probably the major reason shooters reload their own - as well as saving money of course.

However .22 can't be home reloaded, but the anno you use can ake a huge difference.

My Ruger works well with Wincheter Wildcat and with CCI Minimags but Georges works MUCH better with Minimags - look here to see the difference and by the way outstanding marksmanship

How annoying.....

Look here

Not really news but...

Moderators do NOT require proof to fit to a firearm. See this and the legal opinion

To use one on a firearm you must have permission granted on the FAC

New Club F class rifle

The club has a new Fclass rifle - Ruger 77 MkII in 308 Win (same as 7.62 NATO for all practical purposes) It comes complete with a bipod and respectable telescopic sight. It shoots nicely and has been zeroed. All required instructions for use are included with the rifle all new users will be briefed.

It will be available for use by club members at all the rifle shoots in 2012 - ammunition will be charged at cost

Sport Rifle at Bexleyheath

With the completion of four turning targets shooting at the monday meets at Bexleyheath is getting better and better - Thanks to Duncan for design and build on the targets and the software to control them - Check diary for dates

National Rifle Association Prohibition Notice


In October 2009 there was an incident at Bisley when a Montana 1999 action made in stainless steel suffered a breech explosion and catastrophic failure of the front receiver ring. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. The NRA has carried out a technical investigation on the rifle, including obtaining a metallurgical analysis.

As a consequence of this incident and pending full consideration of the information generated by the NRA's investigation, *the use of stainless steel Montana 1999 actions on Bisley ranges is prohibited until further notice. 

 The NRA will pass its concerns to the manufacturer and is in communication with the Birmingham Proof House. The prohibition will be reconsidered in the light of any advice received from these two sources.

Owners of Montana firearms with such actions are invited to supply contact details to the Secretary General so that the NRA can pass on any advice with minimum delay.

 It is emphasised that this prohibition applies only to stainless steel Montana 1999 actions. Montana actions made in 4140 CrMo steel are not included in this prohibition.

Glynn Alger - Secretary General

Bookings for underlever & MLP

The 2 dates in the middle of theyear have been denied by the NRA - Their booking system, whilst on-line - does not do automatic notification - so despite booking in September last year we've come up short - I'll do my best to pester early and long next year!!

Web Site earns its way

The Chairman reports that the website has attracted a number of new members and is earning its keep! (Anyone want to contribute new links to other sites, articles, diagrams or descriptions of "How to's" then let me know!)

2010 off with a flood

Despite Melville bay B being 3 inches deep in water at the target end we had a good morning's shoot that was very well attended! Wow! 2010 already!

New Competition?

A number of members have LBRs (Long Barrel Revolvers) and scores are now being kept for a possible new competition

Monthly results

These are now available on the website in a passwired area - passwords & user IDs have been /will be emailed out to members

New Year - New Shooting Season

Our first meeting of the year will be Sunday 1st February on Melville - no better way to spend Sunday morning
Get those .22's going for the .22 handicap competition that goes on throughout the year - any sights, 50M, standing
on a PL7 target - good luck!

Competency Cards

These will be available at the first and subsequent meetings during the year. YOU MUST have your Competency Card with you and it must cover the firearm type you are using. If you need to be tested for competency for some additional firearm type then remember to notify the training director (here) and print off your own set of test recording documents (here) and bring them with you to the meeting

Committee Meeting

Scheduled for Nov 27th 2008 - 8 for 8-30 - venue as last time

Last Rifle meet of the year - 17 November 2008 - 600yds

The last TR shoot of the year and a good turn out.  We avoided the rain and finished early. As usual its quite tight for the lower places at least.
The good news is that John H (an NRA member) after many years shooting as a guest has decided to join Sidcup next year and he will seriously reduce the number of medals won by myself Keith and Richard as he has consistently been in the top 3 at most TR shoots although not eligible for an award until now.
We will also be welcoming Geoff Roberts next year who has decided to more become active in TR and MLP with Sidcup and attempt to get his name on a few trophies that have not already got his name on. Potentially more medals off Richard's total so the medal table may a different look at the end of 2009.
Keith 48.5 49.4 97.9
John H 44.2 46.2 90.4
John B 40.1 47.4 87.5
Duncan 42.2 43.2 85.4
Linda 42.1 36.1 78.2
Bill 39.1 35 74.1
Gary 35 39.1 74.1
Dave 31.1 31.1 62.2
Geoff 32 NSR 32

Approval of Probationer/Competency Course by NRA

On the 20th October the NRA approved Sidcup RC's online course for probationers and those requiring competency certification to shoot at MoD ranges including Bisley. This is excellent news and means the club is in a position to provide competency certificates to its members as a benefit of membership