Please don't be put off by the "tone" of the text below - we are an easy-going club but we are safe and that does mean some discipline is required so bear with us:

When you join the club you become a probationary member - send an email to enquire further - Download membership form

This will last for a minimum of six months unless you already have a Firearms Certificate (FAC)*

During this time you will be required to attend club meetings at Bisley and/or Bexleyheath (.22 only at Bexleyheath) on a regular basis, which generally means 6 meetings

The law requires the club to determine if you are a "fit person" during this period.

As a club and as individuals (and when you in your turn become a member), we want to take a good hard look at someone who will be holding a gun and shooting next to us in the future. I'm sure everyone knows someone that they'd prefer was at some distance from them if they had a gun in their hands!!

During that time the club will provide a training course (approved by the NRA), with both non-practical and practical parts.

The practical parts of the course will cover the safe handling and use of the firearms you would like to use as a future member (excepting some type like Long Barrel Revolver/Pistol which are subject to special Home Office rules)

The non-practical part is on-line and should be completed within a month of joining the club

The practical parts will be covered at meetings during the probationary period - and beyond as you decide to shoot different disciplines


*We will still require FAC holders to complete the non-practical portion of the course and demonstrate to an RCO of the club that they are competent and safe users of firearms