Some fun videos - well "fun" might be the wrong word...

You may need to down load VLC (a video player) to watch these from:Video Lan website

There maybe a pause when clicking some of these links where our servers host the video - please give it a few seconds

1 - minigun test from helicopter - starts at night and looks like star-wars!!    
2 - various fun guns - glad I'm not paying for the ammo!    
3. Twin Full-auto Glocks    
4. Some "good ol' boys" with Full auto Ruger 10-22!    
5. How to dispose of old ammo (right click - open in new tab)    
6. Holiday destination? Machine gun shoot (right click - open in new tab)    
7. I want a sight like this!    
8. How not to disarm a brief case bomb - do not try this at home    
9. Excellent US Army Training film from 1940's - May need VLC to play - see above    
10. Bad Training or dodgy equipment? What goes round comes round!    
11. French surface to surface missile - or not - just give it a minute or two!    
12 The 50 calibre Barret etc at exploding targets